TDS Charitable Fundraiser December 2015

  • When - Saturday, December 5th 2015
  • Where - TDS home sala - St Louis, Missouri
  • Time - 7am to 7pm
  • Who - all Classical, Traditional and Historical Fencers; anyone interested in swordplay; all friends, family and members of the community who want to support our beneficiaries.
  • How much - a minimum $100 donation for registration is required, or any two items from the following: a one month Bi-state/Metro pass, a pre-paid cell phone; a bicycle in good condition.  Participants are welcome to increase their donations as much as they care to give - all donations are 100% tax deductible.
  • What - 12 hours of swordplay, demonstrations and competitive play - prizes will be awarded for both fencing and for an ongoing raffle.

Event Details - a word about our beneficiaries

INSIDE DHARMA is a non-profit outreach organization dedicated to offering teachings, support and encouragement to incarcerated and recently released individuals in a manner consistent with Buddhist principles. Inside Dharma also engages in special projects serving the homeless community, which includes many ex-offenders.

The organization sponsors  SHINZO ZEN MEDITATION CENTER where ex-offenders may join with members of the St. Louis community to continue the meditation practices they learned in prison, and receive support in their efforts to re-enter society after incarceration. Both organizations operate from a former elementary school in University City. Join us for meditation and discussions every Thursday evening starting at 6:30 and from 11am - 1pm on Saturdays. On Monday evenings, two 30 minute meditation sessions are held beginning at 6:30. No dharma talk is held.

ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH was founded in 1901 and today helps other local organizations by providing space in the old schoolhouse.  Outreach into the larger St Louis community has provided means to accomplishing much good - positively impacting the lives of people far beyond the parish itself.  Benefiting over the years have been students from the St Louis Homeschool Network, students and members of the St Louis Aikikai, students and members of Trovare di Spada Sala Di Arma, as well as the aforementioned Inside Dharma and Shinzo Zen Meditation Center.

As an aging building complex with historical relevance the financial burden upon the small congregation continues to be a challenge - one worthy of meeting.  We hope to provide them with some small offering of thanks and appreciation through our fundraising.


Event Details - explanation of our competitive play and raffle