Trovare di Spada is a traditional Italian sala di arma (fencing room) in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Our focus is upon the Italian dueling weapons of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the spada (sword) and the sciabola (sabre).   Preliminary training at TDS follows a course similar to that detailed in Maestro Gaugler’s text, The Science of Fencing, as well as the curriculum developed by the Classical Fencing Society over the last 19 years.  Ongoing training focuses on practical combat and additional weapons.  TDS is a member sala di arma of the Classical Fencing Society.

When are we open? Year round and only close in harsh conditions or for major holidays.  Otherwise…

  • Monday nights the sala is open from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Lessons start at 6:30 and run to 8:30pm.

  • Wednesday nights the sala is open from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Lessons start at 6:30 and run to 8:30pm.

  • Sunday mornings the sala is open from 9:00am to 11:30am.

Training Courses and Tuition

  • Preliminary Course (required for all new students) = $120 per month. This course is created to teach the fundamental elements of swordplay, the body mechanics necessary for effective movement and weapon control, and the science and theory behind practical swordsmanship. Students enrolled in this course will also learn the basic information required to study the other weapons as practiced at TDS. All inclusive means that students have temporary full membership in the sala with privileges to use equipment and weapons for classes; all sessions means exactly that – you can attend as many sessions as you like.

  • Full membership = $100 per month. For the fencer who demands the most from their training this is full access to all that TDS offers: unlimited training and the use of all sala materials, equipment and weapons.

  • Basic membership = $70 per month. For the busy person who wants regular but flexible training this choice grants one session per week.

  • Floor fees = are $20 per night for non-members with a monthly limit of three sessions. Fencers holding a Basic Membership may add additional training time at a rate of $10 per night.

  • Family discount = 20% off tuition for two or more registered students/fencers (includes the preliminary course, full and basic memberships).

  • Multiple discount = 20% off tuition paid for three or more months.

Joseph Salvatore Caruso Scholarship

The Joseph Salvatore Caruso Scholarship, named to honor the memory of  Joseph Salvatore Caruso (1989-2013),  is awarded to exceptional young people whose sense of life, family and friends outweighs their financial ability to pay for full time training at TDS.  Joseph’s passion for living drove him to remarkable acts of generosity and kindness.  Gifted in mechanics and technology, Joseph leaves behind a legacy of working for others joyfully.

Students and/or fencers awarded this renewable scholarship will receive a full tuition and fees waiver valid for all training for one full year.  To apply or learn more about this scholarship and Joseph please speak with the Director.